Engine Kill Switch - Support- Installation Instructions.

The black box fail safe is built using quality components & bench tested prior to despatch. In the unlikley event that the unit developes a fault then please contact us for help or to arrange repair or replacement product.

Contents Included in the fitting kit:-

1. Black Box Kill switch and cables.

2. Silicone cable with deans connector.

3. Instruction sheet.

The black box has the following connectors fitted.

1. Receiver male plug (plugs into spare receiver port or use Y lead)

2. Female plug allowing personal Amb transponder to be plugged in if required.

3. Cable with deans connector fitted, Links to engine kill switch.

4. Instruction sheet.

How the black box works:-

The black box works in the event of loss of power onboard the RC model due to battery failure, broken power connector to receiver or faulty switch, the fail safe will cut the engine ignition off.


1. Connect the male end into a spare channel on the receiver or use a Y lead if required.

2. Remove the engine side casing where the pull start is allowing access to the engine kill switch.

3. Route the cable to the kill switch ensuring that it is kept clear of the fan and moving parts within the casing.

4. Disconnect the two angled spade connector wires attached to the kill switch, remove the rubber covers for re use.

5. Connect the red and black wires respectively onto the existing spade connectors and solder the wires from the kill switch directly onto the spade connectors, re fit both spade connectors and re fit rubber cover securely onto the existing kill switch.

6. Ensuring the cable is Routed away from the fan and pull start assembly, re fit the existing kill switch back into the housing and secure the cable as require.

7. Re Assemble the side casing of the engine in reverse order.

8. Connect the Red / Black silicone cable which has just been fitted to the engine kill switch with the deans connector, firmly into the deans connector from the black box.

9. Secure the black box to you model using servo tape or tie straps, Carefully route and spare cable neatly on the model and use the small tie straps to secure.

10. No setting up with the black box is required as it has already been completed and bench tested, however the following tests must be carried out to ensure it is operating correctly.


1. Switch on your RC Transmitter and model receiver, carry out standard operation checks without starting the engine, ensuring the existing fail safe (if fitted) within the receiver or seperate one connected to the throttle is set up correctly.

2. Whilst your model is positioned in a safe and secure position, (Ideally against a wall) Start the engine as usual.

3. Making sure the model is secure at this point disconnect the battery power cable. The Blackbox Fail safe if fitted correctly will cut of the engine. If the engine continues to run switch off immediately with the standard kill switch and re check all connections are sound and the solder connections made to both spade connectors on the kill switch are correct.

Under normal operation of the black box, the engine will not start if the battery is not connected. Both Radio and receiver must be on before starting any Rc model car for saftey reasons.

The deans connectors have been fitted to allow easy removal of the engine without having to remove the black box, when the deans plug is disconnected this will effectivley isolate the black box from the system allowing the engine to be started as normal, without the battery being connected. (effectivley removing the black box from the circuit, also providing no protection so don`t forget to re connect)

The black box is design to prevent a high speed run away as a direct result of total loss of power to the RC system within the model, which the standard fail safe`s can not do. However you will still need to use a correctly set up fail safe usually built into the receiver or separate plug in fail safe fitted to the throttle servo, for maximum protection. when activated due to radio interferance, loss of signal or low battery power, will also shut down the model but not kill the engine.

The black box is the only way of stopping your model in the event of total power failure which is the biggest cause of run aways in the first place.


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