Engine Kill Switch - About us

Activley Involved in RC car racing for several years and a member of Caledonian Radio Controilled Club based in Scotland. I have raced 1/10th Electric / Nitro and large scale 1/5th Touring cars and truck.

The blackbox was the Idea of a club member then became a challenge to be developed, tested and improvements made, to incorporate the features needed by serious racers to casual users in the park.

It all came about after a discussion on how ineffective standard fail safes are in the event of loss of power. I have seen numerous accidents where models have hit walls, cars and property at full throttle due to sudden power failure. Resulting in very expensive repair bills not to mention the time taken to carry out the repairs.

The black box is the finished product, using quality components and leads to ensure optimum operation, reliability and durability the demanding racer would expect. Enclosed in a protective box to provide maximum protection to components.

All units are bench tested, come complete with fitting instructions and all leads required to complete the installation.


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