Engine Kill Switch

The black box engine Cut Off Device is designed to kill the engine as a result of total power failure to the RC system on board your large scale radio controlled model car / truck, caused by battery failure, broken power lead or faulty switch.

Suitable for, Fg saloons, trucks, marder, beetle, monster truck, RS5, Harm, lauterbacher, Technokit, MCD, Baja and other models utilising a 2 stroke engine fitted with magneto ignition system and standard push button engine shut off switch.

Whilst it is recommended to use a correctly set up fail safe either incorporated into the existing receiver or seperate device. Unfortunatley they don`t work if power is lost all together which is the biggest cause of a runaway in the first place.

The black box will shut off the engine on total loss of power, preventing damage to your model or personal injury as a result of a run away.

The average repair cost to a model involved in a high speed run away crash can easily exceeds £100 on parts alone.


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